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A short weekend in Amsterdam followed, just enough time to prepare for next stop: Mykonos, Greece to do a gig and some recordings with Osunlade.

We were enjoying a superb house and swimming pool with the Yoruba Records family and spent the evenings on the veranda or in Mykonos town, which was still nice and not too busy before the summer madness would kick in for July. It was very nice to hang out with some of the locals as well, the people from the Cyclades(group of islands) are amazing! During the day the wind can be very strong, at sundown it settles a bit. It was amazing to play the gig with Osunlade and Gabriele Poso again, we started off early at 5pm already and Osunlade did a 6 hour set. We joined him to play flute and percussion during most of his set, although now and then he played some vocal tracks alone. After the gig we had an amazing dinner at the venue’s seaside. The recordings we did on the island are for Osunlade’s next album which he will finish by the end of the year.

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